Homeless Migration trailer 1 - el Tigre
Homeless Migration trailer 1 - el Tigre
Homeless Migration is a documentary focused on the life of Carlos Davis, better known as "El Tigre Rojo", and his friends living under the Štvanice bridge in Prague.
Homeless Migration trailer 2- Ali
Homeless Migration trailer 2- Ali
Homeless Migration is a documentary focused on the stories of 3 Expats living on the streets of Prague. El Tigre from Mexico, Ali from India, Tom from Poland and Rene their local friend.
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Homeless Migration is a documentary that was born within the organization of cultural events by , Buenas Artes z.s., and Kulturni Klinika Praha. Groups of Latin American artists, entrepreneurs, and development activists, promoting cultural integration with the locals, and with other Expats. We all met here in Prague and started to create this cultural community.

Homeless Migration is a documentary focused on the life of Carlos Davis Reséndiz and his friends. Carlos is better known as "the Red Tiger of Sonora". El Tigre is a 58-year-old Mexican immigrant who lives on the street under the Štvanice Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. A doctor by profession in his native Mexico, a painter, and a sculptor by nature, El Tigre Rojo shows us how a foreigner lives, a homeless man by choice, on the streets of Prague.

Project Description


Carlos Casasola, Mexican photographer

The documentary is directed by Carlos Casasola, a photographer from Mexico. Graduated from the Film and Television School of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU for its acronym in Czech). Casasola has developed his work as a documentary photographer and in 2019 he joined the photography department of the National Gallery of Prague. He has also worked promoting Latin American culture in Prague, exhibiting his own work, but also capturing other artists in cultural events such as "Verses of wind and salt", "Day in the desert" and the "Corn Festival" held at public spaces like the Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures.

"Migration is a historical but current phenomenon, in which I feel identified. Cities grow, they become more magnificent, and progress shows a glamorous life. Prague is a city known for its beauty but it also has universes under the bridges, where no one would turn to take a look."- Carlos Casasola


El Tigre Rojo is a Mexican doctor dedicated to the visual arts, specifically painting and sculpture. More than 20 years ago, El Tigre traveled to Europe for the first time: from Paris, he traveled to Frankfurt and then to Prague, where he would live on the streets. After an accident that left him in a coma for three days, he was deported to Mexico where, in addition to returning to practice medicine, he would also adopt the profession of painter and sculptor. Married four times and with more than a dozen children, El Tigre returned to the Czech Republic in 2019 at the request of his friend Ota Dvořák, who asked him to come to work for a month, paying for his flight. El Tigre is reunited with old friends and also with an old love, Eva, so he decides to stay in the Czech Republic. He spends time in Horní Cerekev with Eva, where he sets up his atelier, dedicating himself full time to artistic creation. There he creates a sculpture of Christ made especially for his father-in-law, who would place it on top of a mountain in Šumava with the title: “Saint Charles, Watcher of Šumava”.

El Tigre reading in his cozy bed

After a while, El Tigre decides to come to live on the streets of Prague for his mission in life. He claims that he has to deliver a message, in person, to the captain of this ship called the Czech Republic; he wants to speak to President Miloš Zeman.

After spending a few days in Naměsti Republiky, Ali wakes up El Tigre and takes him to his refuge under the Štvanice Bridge. With a nice view of the Vltava river and with an Indian companion. Place where he also met Tommy Lee Jones from Poland and Rene from Kutná Hora. El Tigre and his bridge companions spend their days in the beautiful city and their nights under the bridge. Helping each other to survive life in the streets, in the heart of Europe. Then we can see Prague with different eyes: underneath the magnificent life of a cosmopolitan and exciting city there is another less known life, also exciting but in a different way.

Like him, a Mexican, and Ali, an Indian, the homeless community living in Prague is going international. The language spoken is local, many times it just imitates, needs are also adapted to the locality. The city of Prague maintains sites to help the homeless, such as Armáda Spásy, where they are fed, dressed, groomed, and their beards and hair trimmed. They can even sleep there, but El Tigre Rojo prefers to be under the bridge.

El Tigre, Tommy Lee, and Carlos keeping warm under the Štvanice bridge

Why to make this documentary?

The documentary aims to give an idea about the phenomenon of homeless migration, told by a Mexican, an Indian, a Polish, and a Czech. Refugees or illegal immigrants are of growing importance in today's world. That is the goal of the documentary, to give life and voice to those people who are rejected by society, who are seen as inferior and even considered as a burden. Stories told not only by homeless people but, by immigrant homeless.

In this sense, the Czech Republic is not comparable to other developed countries such as Belgium, Germany, or the United States, however, Prague remains a crossroads and a destination for migration from neighboring countries, such as Slovakia, Poland, and Ukraine, in addition to Ali and Carlos, who coming from other continents now live under a bridge on the island of Štvanice.

What We Need

We need help to finance the post-production process, which will take between 45 and 60 days. The post-production team will need a translator, video editing, sound editing, project promotion - these are all expensive endeavors. In addition to the payment of the equipment rental: full HD camera, 4 lenses (17mm, 50mm, 1.4, 100mm, 70200) microphones, tripod, hard disk, SIM cards, and editing software.

Financing breakdown:

The person responsible for managing the financial resources is the director Carlos Casasola.  Your donation will help make this noble project come true, thus promoting the integration of homeless people with Czech society.

The documentary will also be participating in the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2022

What is the benefit for you?

The documentary aims to give visibility to those forgotten communities in the middle of the progress and growth of developed cities like Prague. In this case, homeless migrants.

Help in the awareness towards homeless people, so we can all look at them with more empathic eyes

To help to improve the lives of el Tigre, Ali, Tom, and Rene.

Your contribution will help to give a voice to the homeless community in Prague at the international level (Ji.hlava Film Festival 2022).

To show another lens of Pragues' corners, exciting, full of stories, and mysticism. In addition to a small example of the inequality that prevails in our society. Where not only the fact of living on the street is combined with being an immigrant.

You can get an acknowledgment in the credits of the documentary.


We are having some challenges ahead of us, firstly, the global emergency situation caused by Covid-19 makes recording work difficult due to the conditions of social distancing. However, the team has been working and aiming to film in Armáda Spásy and Naděje.

Life in the street is in general tough, more during the winter, and even more when you break a leg as Ali did recently. 

The Crew

The director and author of the project is Carlos Casasola, a Mexican visual artist living in Prague. Backed up by Kulturni Klinika Praha - a collective of Latin American artists, & Buenas Artes z.s. - cultural producers, and - a smart crowdfunding engine. 

Carlos Casasola and Franco Frontera in action

How can you help?

You can donate through this link

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help!

Spread the word to your family, friends, friends, enemies, your crush, your mother-in-law, just tell everyone, please! Share this donations page on your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn, just everywhere.

Drop us a message on Facebook if you have any question, comment, or if you are interested in the project and would like to volunteer, we can find you a space in our team

Help us make a lot of NOISE so that this great story told by a Mexican, a Hindu, a Pole, and a Czech would get known around the globe.


You can also get your official Homeless Migration T-shirt and coffee


The Stars of the Film

Carlos Davis (El Tigre Rojo) from Mexico

Ali from India

Tom (Tombiliyons) from Poland

Rene from Kutná Hora

The Filmmaking of the "Homeless Migration"

The filming
The filming
Home, sweet home
Home, sweet home
Cute friend
Cute friend
The stars and Casasola
The stars and Casasola
Tosepan coffee supporting the project
Tosepan coffee supporting the project
Documentary T-shirt
Documentary T-shirt
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Each T-shirt has an identification number and provides the rights of a co-producer of the documentary.

The coffee is 100% arabica from Mexico (250 g Tosepan) and provides the rights of a co-producer .


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